Hi, my name is Jean Doremus Filson and I am an artist/muralist from central Illinois, USA. Welcome, I'm so happy to have you here! 

After college, I began my career in graphic design and Interior design. At some point, I stumbled into painting on my clients walls, soon after started my own mural and decorative painting company, LaPoima Studio. Poiēma is a Greek word meaning "Gods craftsmanship, masterpiece, poem or work of art".  I thought that was the perfect name for my business. (Of course, spelling is not my finest craft!) I started in 1994 when my children were small and continue to paint murals commercially and residentially to this day.

Now that the kids are grown, I'm excited to be expanding my artistic voice and devoting more time working in the studio creating some of my own unique pieces!

I am always striving to visually communicate an emotional experience though the use of color, design and texture. I am motivated by nature and hope to install the essence of the natural world in all of my work. I sincerely hope you enjoy my artwork as I will be continually pushing myself and expand my voice.